MSS Marine hr, Copenhagen

Our mission as Marine HR is to support Maersk Supply Service to ensure safe operation of our fleet of advanced offshore support vessels, anchor handlers and project vessels.

In doing so we strive to ensure our seafarers are meeting regulatory as well as business driven requirements. Through employment of professional, qualified, competent and cost-competitive crew the continuing focus is to operate and sustain a second to none operational excellence.

As the quality of our seafarers is of utmost importance to drive the business, our focus is also to ensure that the company maintains operational experience within the fleet. As a global company Maersk Supply Service has established a global standard on operational performance standards as well as on requirements for training and crew competencies. This ensures minimal differences between crew of differing nationalities and enables all seastaff to work side by side irrespective of geographical working area, job scope or costumer requirements in line with the company's history and heritage.

The motto is: Different Cultures - One Team

As employer we support equal opportunities regardless of nationalities and gender for either officers or ratings provided the requirements for competencies and qualifications are met.

The crew pool, consisting of approximately 2,000 seafarers of 10 different nationalities, is managed by our crew operations team in Lyngby, alongside the business unit and top management. This close proximity of operation and decision making enables short reaction time and synergies. The crew operations team is supported by a network of manning offices local to the seafarers country of origin. This network of crewing staff is essential to ensure a professional handling of the crew management responsibilities as well as to sustain a personal relation to our seafarers and their families.

We strive to maintain a position as a preferred employer represented by agreed terms and conditions, relief cycles, work life balance, family support and social responsibility.